Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben / Gümüş Kara Benekli Tepeli Appenzeller

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Light, Soft Feather
Egg colour: White
General Characteristics: Male

Carriage: Neat and very active

Type: Body well rounded, medium long, walnut - shaped. Breast full, carried high. Wings rather long, carried close. Tail well furnished, well spread, at right angles to back. Abdomen well developed. Back of medium length, slightly sloping with full hackle.

Head: Medium sized, held high, with typical raised skull and medium-sized pointed crest bent forward. Face smooth. Comb horn type consisting of two small rounded spikes, separate and without side sprigs. Wattles moderately long and fine. Ear-lobes medium sized, oval. Beak powerful, with strong, cavernous nostrils, and a prominent horseshoe ridge to beak with a small fleshy knob at the front. Eyes prominent and alert.

Neck: Medium length, slightly arched with abundant hackle.

Legs and feet: Thighs slender and prominent; shanks medium length, fine. Toes, four, well spread.

Plumage: Fairly hard and tight.

Female: Except for a more horizontal back line the general characteristics are the same for the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences.

Colour: Silver Spangled

Male plumage: Pure silvery white ground colour, with each feather ending in distinct black, fairly small spangle, not circular, less pronounced on the head and neck. Primaries, secondaries and tail feathers, silvery white with black tips. Abdomen and fluff grey; undercolour dark grey.

Female plumage: Head, crest and the neck silvery white with black tipping. Breast, wing bows, back and tail silvery white with distinct black spangling. Flights as for the male. Undercolour dark grey.
In both sexes and all colours

Beak bluish. Eyes dark brown. Comb, face and wattles bright red; ear-lobes bluish-white. Shanks blue.

Weights: Male  1.60 - 2.00kg (3.5 - 4.5 lb) Female1.35 - 1.60kg (3 - 3.5 lb)

Other colours: Gold spangled, Black, Blue and Chamois